• cold open, everyone is just in the boat chilling we dont need an intro*

7:52 Dark Knight Rebirth

MEANWHILE AT THE LEGION OF DOOM, BENEATH A MURKY SWAMP-------------------------------------
(max) first line

7:52 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) *looking down at the ocean* Seems like I'm good for another day....nothing but caaaalllmm ocean. No sharks. No fang.

7:53 JRO123

(dwayne) *sits wordless, hands clasped in front of him*

Pierzina has entered TDRPW Headquarters. 7:53 JRO123 eeyeyyyy welcome just started 7:53 Pierzina i was eating sorry for my tardiness 7:53 JRO123

(harold) *ralphing once again*

7:53 Berryleaf hey girl 7:53 ShroomstagramUser

(dj) this is kinda nice

7:53 JRO123

(harold) man, this didnt happen back and pedallin' steve's paddleboating camp

7:53 Heozaki

(jo) *exercising* Motivated, we gotta do things right today

7:53 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) *Conf* So other than the fact that Taylor was rude to me, I would say the first day was.. somewhat decent?

7:54 JRO123

(dwayne) what's the point.

7:54 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) I gotta say you guys freaked me out a bit last night. Anything I did to get votes? :/

7:54 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) *conf* not like I wanted to be here, around familiar faces..but I might aswell win.

7:54 Heozaki

(jo) Conf: My team are not the most desirable, but hey, I can get them in shape. The kid was holding us down, so now the old man shouldn't be

7:54 JRO123

(dwayne) existence is meaningless, life is but a facade

7:55 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) Ayo grandpa, stop talking to yourself like a weirdo

7:55 JRO123

(dwayne) i might as well throw myself to the sharks right now
(dwayne) *sobs*

7:55 Pierzina

(tom) Wow, deep. Can I steal that line for a tumblr post?

7:55 Berryleaf

(bridgette) Look, I'm sorry about voting your son out Dwayne...I just thought he would be safer away from all this craziness, you know?

7:55 JRO123

(dwayne) ...
(dwayne) sorry, i didnt quite catch that

7:55 Heozaki

(jo) The kid was useless, yawn.

7:55 ShroomstagramUser

(dj) that was his son

7:55 JRO123

(dwayne) yeah. yeah, i figured you'd say that

7:55 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) Be nice now Jo. He wasn't useless.

7:56 Heozaki

(jo) And this is a game for a million dollars. Are we really gonna care more about the child than the cash?

7:56 Berryleaf

(bridgette) CONF: The elimination ceremony was kind of a bummer. I'm super stoked to still be here but I was really worried about making an early departure again, and while I'm happy DJ and I are still here...Dwayne is really upset, and it sucks.

7:56 Pierzina

(tom) I voted him off because the fact that they put a 8 year old in a reality TV show is quite frankly CHILD ABUSE.

7:56 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) It's just that we treated him to much like a kid, that's all.

7:56 ShroomstagramUser

(dj) what Tom said

7:56 JRO123

(dwayne) conf: They'll pay....they'll all pay. Junior, my son. I shall avenge you! DADDY'S GOIN RIGHT FOR THE JUGULAR, BABY.

7:56 Heozaki

(jo) So you better get your head in the game Dwayne, because the next vote may end up being you if you're holding us down

7:56 Pierzina

(tom) Anyway, now that he's gone, we can focus on the important things.

7:56 ShroomstagramUser

(dj) I don't want kids getting hurt, ya dig?

7:56 Heozaki

(jo) ...Just like your son.

7:57 JRO123

(dwayne) ...

7:57 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) Ha. DANG!

7:57 JRO123

(dwayne) yeah. ok.
(dwayne) i dont want to be a burden

7:57 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) *In the storage area* I'll find a way, I'll sink this boat and show them all their place!

7:57 Pierzina

(tom) Like making a quick stop at the MALL!
(tom) Who's with me?

7:57 Heozaki

(jo) *rolls eyes*

7:57 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) How would we get to the mall from here?

7:58 Pierzina

(tom) Um, water taxi duh...

7:58 Heozaki

(jo) Your bet is as good as mine

7:58 JRO123

(dwayne) conf: I will destroy them...I WILL DESTROY them all...JUNIIOROROROrOROrORO *rips off shirt and starts pounding his chest* OOGHOFYHOTGROEROGORTERHGEFOSHG

7:58 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) Don't you mean a speedboat?

7:58 Heozaki ...lmfao 7:58 Dark Knight Rebirth Ima laugh if he gets voted too lmao 7:58 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) Conf: I don't know why but I'm starting to have a hunch that Tom might be one of those queermosexuals

7:59 Pierzina

(tom) More like yacht.

7:59 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) But we're already ON a yacht.

7:59 Heozaki

(jo) *grabs fish* How the hell are we supposed to cook these anyway?

7:59 JRO123

(harold) so....whats new with you guys

7:59 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) this is kinda relaxing

8:00 Pierzina

(tom) Oh my gosh, Bridgette. You don't have to make everything so serious.

8:00 JRO123

(harold) boy, what I wouldnt do for your iron stomach, gwen

8:00 Pierzina

(tom) Missing your manfriend?

8:00 Heozaki

(tammy) Well, we got one win! We just have to keep the spell of Azor and we'll all make it to the end!

8:00 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(cody) *pops out of the celing and drops right next to Gwen* Hey gwen how you doin' B)

8:00 JRO123

(harold) I didn't have you pegged for a sailor. thats pretty cool, ngl B)

8:00 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) Harold...........

8:00 Berryleaf

(bridgette) Me?

8:00 JRO123

(harold) yeah?

8:01 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) Why are you complimenting a lesser specimen?

8:01 JRO123

(harold) smh, max, you got no chill

8:01 Dark Knight Rebirth


8:01 JRO123

(harold) gotta have some chivalry my dude B)

8:01 Pierzina

(tom) Mhm. What's his name? Greg?

8:02 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) Uh...Geoff.

8:02 Heozaki

(tammy) Harold, wanna LARP? I'll be the Queen of Ofgur and you can be a knight or something

8:02 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) Why bring back something that's already dead? Power and order is what's needed in this world!

8:02 Heozaki We need the teams posted btw 8:02 Dark Knight Rebirth ur job fam 8:02 JRO123 Salty Scallywags - Harold, Heather, Gwen, Duncan, Tammy, Lindsay, Cody, Max, Beth

Scurvy Dogs - Scott, Dwayne, Zoey, DJ, Jo, Bridgette, Tom, Taylor



(tom) Oh, right. :) Anyways the point is you're in a early life crisis because of your tragic hopeless romance with the dashing surfer boy who you are in a long distance relationship with. You slowly begin to go through the 7 stages of depression. Then you cheat on him.

8:03 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lindsay) *tanning on deck* This sunnnn is Like sooooooo nice ohmigod

8:03 JRO123

(harold) whats good, lindsay, been a while B)

8:04 Pierzina

(heather) Be careful not to fry your brain even more, Lindsiot. :~)

8:04 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) *shocked* What? I would never hurt my bipsy boo!

8:04 JRO123

(dwayne) *sighs* young love. I had that once.

8:04 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) 20 years ago?

8:04 Pierzina

(tom) Beyonce, sweetie, I'm so sorry.

8:04 Heozaki

(jo) Nice one, Scott

8:04 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lindsay) Hey are you insulting me Heather?!

8:04 JRO123

(dwayne) then my boy was born, and - OH GOD. JUNIORORORORORORO

8:04 Dark Knight Rebirth

jro confirmed to be playing the goths next season

8:04 JRO123

(dwayne) *pounds fists on ground*

8:04 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) Beyonce?

8:05 JRO123


8:05 Heozaki

(jo) *irritated at Dwayne*

8:05 Pierzina

(heather) No. I'm just pointing out your flaws in a malicious way that defames your character and makes you feel lesser than you are.

8:05 Heozaki

(jo) Conf: He better not let us down.

8:05 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) Um Dwayne? Are you ok?

8:05 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lindsay) Hi.......Ha-Harold?

8:05 JRO123

(harold) woah, come on, gang, cant we all get along
(dwayne) no.

8:05 Heozaki

(jo) Hey, Heather. How's your scrub-filled team going?

8:05 Pierzina

(heather) Shut UP, Harold.

8:05 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lindsay) *breathes out* Oh great that's a relief @ Heather

8:06 Pierzina

(heather) Also lookie here, come to wave your little white flag and beg me to allow you onto my team of all-star participants? *camera pans out to her team looking obnoxiously stupid* Because I'm afraid that Chris would allow another team switch.

^to Jo 8:07 JRO123

(harold) conf: Heather has a cruel exterior, but she and I have always gotten along. I'm thinking maybe i could drum up some sort of partnership with her, gonna need something with duncan on the team.

8:07 Berryleaf

(Duncan) Hey Harold, how's the loser life treating ya?

8:07 JRO123

(harold) *scratches butt during camera pan*

8:07 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lindsay) *whispers to Harold* Do you Think THAT was an insult *looks visibly confused*

8:07 Heozaki

(jo) No, I don't need anyone but a team run by me because why? I can do it better than you ever have!

8:08 JRO123

(harold) Duncan. >.>

8:08 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) Who even says you run the team?

8:08 JRO123

(harold) it's alright. no complaints, i guess

8:08 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) when does this challenge even start?

8:08 Berryleaf

(duncan) That's my name, don't wear it out. *laughs*

8:08 Pierzina

(heather) Oh, really Sue Sylvester? I'm pretty sure WE'RE the ones who won the first challenge.

8:08 Berryleaf

(duncan) *pushes Harold over for no reason*

8:08 Heozaki

(jo) I don't see you doing anything but eating sand, dirt boy

8:08 JRO123

(chef) *is standing right behind Gwen*

LeoCTallon3 has left the building. 8:09 JRO123

(chef) you're eager. good. *grins evilly*

8:09 Dark Knight Rebirth chef cosby is in the house 8:09 Heozaki

(jo) We had a handicap, but that's fixed now
(jo) We're gonna pound your team to the ground

8:09 JRO123

(chef) *gets out megaphone* ALRIGHT, MAGGOTS. LINE UP, ITS CHALLENGE TIME

8:09 Pierzina

(heather) Really? I'd like to see you TRY.

8:09 DegrassiFTW27

(SCOTT) About time!

8:09 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) Oh no....

8:09 Heozaki

(jo) *gets up in Heather's face* I don't need to try, I WILL.

8:10 JRO123


8:10 Pierzina

(heather) Do it then. :~) I would say I wish you luck, but I don't. Cause I hate you. *flips hair and walks off*

8:10 Heozaki

(jo) Grrrrr.

8:10 Pierzina

(heather) Dyke.

8:10 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) *notices Chef* uh...

8:10 Pierzina oops that wasn't supposed to be sent 8:10 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) Jo! It's cool.

8:10 Heozaki

(jo) Yeah, whatever.

8:10 Berryleaf

(bridgette) We'll win today, okay?

8:11 Heozaki

(jo) Okay, okay, now stop being soft.

8:11 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood Jo and bridgette cofirmed 8:11 JRO123

(chef) now then, Chris is takin some kinda nancy boy beauty sleep, so I'll be running the challenge today. Give you babies a real challenge!
(chef) *

8:11 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) *mumbles* How about you give us some food for a real challenge......

8:11 Heozaki

(tammy) Ohhh!!! What kind of challenge will we be doing?!

8:11 JRO123


8:11 Pierzina

(heather) [CONF: Jo is an agressively jealous loser who's obsessed with me. Guess that's what happens when you're a sexually repressed freak with a tracksuit that smells like gym socks and rotten fish.]

8:12 DegrassiFTW27 OOOOOOOOO DAYUM. 8:12 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) YES SIR!

8:12 JRO123

(chef) now, some of you may recognize the area, we are in.
(chef) that is BECAUSE we are in the former sight, of TOTAL. DRAMA. ISLAND.

8:12 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lindsay) *looks around* No...?

8:12 Berryleaf

(Duncan) Didn't that place sink?

8:12 Pierzina

(tom) I've never heard of that show in my life. Sounds like a MTV reject.

8:13 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) .....*eyes widen*

8:13 JRO123

(chef) ASTUTE OBSERVATION, DOUGHBOY. *jabs duncan in the gut*

8:13 Heozaki

(jo) Conf: Heather has nothing on me. I could break her in half if I wanted to. Once she's gone, I'll make sure she ends this season with her Latino soft boy Aleejandro.

8:13 DegrassiFTW27


8:13 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(beth) *conf* I can't believe we're back on the island worst summer of my life!

8:13 Berryleaf

(Duncan) Oof!

8:13 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) *Conf* I just hope all of the toxicity is away!

8:13 Pierzina

(heather) *crosses arms* Wow, sooooo nostalgic. *rolls eyes*

8:14 JRO123

(chef) now, im just gonna cut to the chase

8:14 Heozaki

(tammy) I've never really been here before. Was it like a Kingdom?

8:14 JRO123

(chef) couple of the crew eggheads and i had been seeing tracks from some sort of massive crustacean for years on THE BEACH.

8:15 ShroomstagramUser

(dj) massive crustacean?

8:15 Heozaki

(jo) It can't be THAT big

LeoCTallon3 has entered TDRPW Headquarters. 8:15 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) A what now?

8:15 Pierzina

(heather) Bigger than your chances of winning, that's for sure.

8:15 JRO123

(chef) you bet your ass, boy. some kind of old legend about wawanakwa mentioned it, had some sort of stupid long indian name.

8:15 Heozaki

(tammy) I've heard about these crustaceans...on my game of Globe of Fightcraft

8:15 JRO123

(chef) we're just gonna call him robert

8:16 Berryleaf

(bridgette) Don't be culturally insensitive, Chef. *crosses arms*

8:16 JRO123

(chef) now, our radar shows that something mighty big lives in the hellish depths of this here basin

8:16 Heozaki

(jo) Cut to the chase, Chef. You old timers do nothing but make us wait

8:17 Pierzina

(heather) I hate to agree with Jo.

8:17 JRO123


8:17 Pierzina

(heather) So I won't.
(heather) But hurry the heck up already!

8:17 Heozaki

(jo) I'M A CHICK.

8:17 JRO123

(chef) yall are gonna dive down there, and bring him back
(chef) whichever team gets him first, wins immunity

8:17 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) You're a girl?

8:18 Heozaki

(jo) Yes you bimbo

8:18 JRO123

(chef) we got a bunch of supplies on deck, take whatever you need to capture this big SOB

8:18 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) *looks at Lindsay*

8:18 Pierzina

(heather) Wait, so you're asking us to RISK our lives jumping into this nauseatingly sick and possibly disease ridden waters, to find a dangerous and likely agressive folktale and bring it back to you?

8:18 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) so, we have to dive down there and get a giant crab?

8:18 JRO123

(chef) pretty much

8:18 Pierzina

(heather) Hm. Not bad.

8:18 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) I wonder how fast we could do this if I go commando

(troll) 8:18 JRO123

(chef) you want my advice? he's too big to handle underwater, y'all are gonna wanna lure him to the surface somehow

8:18 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) So who is going in first?

8:19 Heozaki

(jo) You. *shoves Scott in the water*

8:19 Pierzina

(heather) As reigning leader of the Scallywags, I command my team to get in line so I can form a game plan.

8:19 JRO123

(chef) and let me stress once again: THIS THING IS HUGE.

8:19 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood (linsday) *sees max* Hi are you a dwarf Oops sorry I meant short people 8:19 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) Simple. Use Harold as fishing bait.

8:19 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

  • (lindsay)

8:19 JRO123

(harold) what now?

8:19 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

  • (lindsay)

8:19 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) Nevermind, use Lindsay instead!

8:19 Heozaki

(tammy) Yes Queen Heather! EEEEEE!!!

8:19 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lindsay) for what?

LeoCTallon3 has left the building. 8:19 JRO123

(chef) I mean, you might wanna put on a diving suit first

8:19 Pierzina

(tom) Woah, woah, woah. I JUST gelled my hair this morning, and in those icky washrooms too. I am so NOT doing this.

8:19 JRO123

(chef) I dont care.

8:19 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) Underwater mall of course

8:19 Berryleaf

(Duncan) I liked the idea of using Harold better. At least Lindsay is nice to look at.

8:19 Pierzina

(heather) Queen Heather?

8:19 JRO123

(harold) implying im not <

8:19 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) Majority rules then

8:20 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) *sputtering in the water* YOU WANT ME TO GO IN ALONE?

8:20 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lindsay) Mall!

8:20 Berryleaf

(duncan) It's true, though.

8:20 JRO123

(harold) i mean, id be happy to dive down there. B)

8:20 Heozaki

(tammy) Well you said you were the captain. You are the queen and I am your loyal magician!

8:20 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lindsay) *jumps in water*

8:20 JRO123

(harold) im glad you appreciate what an asset to this team I am.

8:20 Berryleaf

(duncan) Why do you think all the chicks are drawn to me? I got the looks, man. *slicks hair back*

8:20 Heozaki

(jo) No *jumps in*

8:20 Pierzina

(heather) *grins evilly* Well, I mean, if you say so...

8:20 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) Stop talking, more diving Harold!

8:20 JRO123

(harold) oh, brother. >.> *starts puttingon diving suit*

8:20 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) so, who's diving?

8:20 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) Should we just wait up here for them to come back?

8:21 Pierzina

(heather) As queen, you need to to start diving in and luring the crab to the shore. Use your gypsy magic or whatever.

8:21 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) Alright, let's stay close then Jo

8:21 Heozaki

(jo) Where do you think it's at Scott?
(tammy) Your wish is my command!

8:21 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) What's the plan guys?

8:21 JRO123

(harold) if you're so great duncan, you should go in with me
(harold) or are you too chicken???

8:21 Heozaki

(jo) Well, we find this thing and beat it up

Dawn fanboi has entered TDRPW Headquarters. 8:21 Berryleaf

(duncan) Maybe I just don't feel like it.
(duncan) Ever think of that, you wet noodle?

8:22 JRO123

(harold) BOK BOK BOK

8:22 Berryleaf

(duncan) Shut up.

8:22 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) for your information, heather, I'm not a gypsy

8:22 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) What if the thing is huge! How are we gonna beat it?

8:22 JRO123


8:22 Pierzina

(heather) Shut up, weird goth girl.

8:22 Heozaki

(jo) But really though. We have Scott lure it out since he's a good baiter. It chases him around and we tie it up with anything we have around here

8:22 Dark Knight Rebirth lmao 8:22 JRO123

(chef) I guess scott is going in alone.
(chef) fine by me.

8:22 Dark Knight Rebirth tfw people jumped in too early 8:23 Berryleaf

(Duncan) *rolls eyes* Whatever. Don't screw this up for me.

8:23 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(lindsay) Woohoo yeah

8:23 Pierzina


8:23 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) I mean, as long as Scott's safety comes first.

8:23 Heozaki

(jo) If needed, we can knock it out by throwing random stuff at it

8:23 JRO123

(chef) now the rest of you better start pumping them with oxygen, or else they gonna die real fast

8:23 Berryleaf

(Duncan) I think I'd like that. ;)

8:23 Heozaki

(jo) Yeah yeah, hey won't die
  • he

8:23 JRO123

(harold) wtf bro

8:23 Pierzina

(tom) Honestly, I wouldn't mind if Scott got chewed up a bit. *files nails*

8:23 JRO123

(harold) thats just weird

8:24 Berryleaf

(Duncan) Don't judge me. >.>

8:24 JRO123

(harold) uh so you're gonna make sure we dont drown, right heather

8:24 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) Please no sharks......*gets one big breath and goes down in the water*

8:24 JRO123

(harold) I mean, I can trust you with that right

8:24 Heozaki

(jo) We need Dwayne to start pumping oxygen
(jo) Make yourself useful old timer

8:24 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) *pumps oxygen to Harold*

8:24 Pierzina

(heather) I don't promise anything except that I'll look sexy while doing it. *pushes Harold in*

8:24 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood


8:24 JRO123 wrongteam berry 8:24 Berryleaf oops

  • Scott

8:24 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(fang) *shows up*

8:25 Berryleaf can I sub taylor 8:25 Heozaki

(jo) Bridgette, you got any idea how to tie things up?

Salty Scallywags - Harold, Heather, Gwen, Duncan, Tammy, Lindsay, Cody, Max, Beth Scurvy Dogs - Scott, Dwayne, Zoey, DJ, Jo, Bridgette, Tom, Taylor 8:25 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood


8:25 JRO123

(harold) gah! GOSH! *falls in water*

yes you can sub taylor 8:25 Berryleaf ok Dawn fanboi has left the building. Dark Knight Rebirth has left the building. 8:25 JRO123

(harold) *dives under*

8:25 Berryleaf

(Taylor) Can somebody get me an ice water? I'm literally burning in this heat!

8:25 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) *starts observing around in the water, swimming as low as possible*

8:25 JRO123

(dwayne) *pumps oxygen, looking sad*

8:25 Pierzina

(tom) Sister, we're surrounded by water... why don't you just go for a swim?

8:25 Berryleaf

(taylor) *turns to Jo* Why don't you go play fetch, She-Hulk?

8:25 JRO123

(dwayne) come on, old man, get your head in the game...this is for your son

8:25 Heozaki

(jo) Here's some water *throws a ton of sea water to Taylor's way*

8:26 Berryleaf

(taylor) AHHHH!! You just RUINED my mascara! I spent hours getting it perfect!

8:26 ShroomstagramUser

(dj) Do I dive for you, then?

8:26 Heozaki

(jo) Now get to work!

8:26 Pierzina

(tom) *chuckles* Ooh, cat fight. [CONF: Right now, I'm pretty much doing nothing except adding sarcastic melodramatic commentary and hoping that my teammates don't catch on so I can float by without doing any actual work. :)]

8:26 JRO123

(harold) *continues swimming downwards*

8:26 Berryleaf

(Taylor) How about you get out of my face?

8:26 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) CONF: You'd think a "giant crustacean" would be easier to find than this

8:26 Pierzina

(heather) Hurry UP, Grandpa glasses!

8:27 Berryleaf

(bridgette) Whoa guys, let's not fight about this.

8:27 Heozaki

JRO , are they supposed to just be looking

Or what? 8:27 JRO123

(harold) *seemingly reaches bottom*

8:27 Berryleaf

(duncan) *follows Harold*

8:27 JRO123

(harold) yo scott, you see anything

8:27 Berryleaf

(duncan) Why would he tell us? He's on the other team, doofus!

8:28 JRO123

(harold) well, im getting confused, i dont see a giant crab anywhere

8:28 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(beth) go team

8:28 JRO123

(harold) thought i would ask >.>

8:28 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) *gestures to Harold, shooing him away as he tries to carry on looking*

8:28 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) What's going on, down there?

8:28 Heozaki

(Jo) Scott better not screw this up

8:28 Pierzina

(heather) -_-

8:28 JRO123

  • seafloor beneath them starts to rumble*

Dawnfanboi450 has entered TDRPW Headquarters. 8:28 JRO123

(harold) :O

8:28 Berryleaf

(Taylor) Whatever. I'll just work on my tan.

8:28 Heozaki

(tammy) Maybe there's a secret cave or something

8:28 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) Hmm!?

8:29 Heozaki


8:29 Berryleaf

(taylor) *lays down and starts snoring*

8:29 Heozaki

(jo) *rolls eyes* What the hell is that?!

8:29 JRO123

  • giant crab claws emerge around dunc, scott, and harold
(harold) nvm think we found him

8:29 Pierzina

(tom) Sounds like a plan to me! *pulls out blowup tanning salon with an aluminum foil reflector, lemonade, and sunglasses*
(tom) I ALWAYS go to the beach prepared. *slips on sunglasses and takes a sip of the lemonade*

8:30 Heozaki

(jo) Alright team, we gotta get this thing tied up!

8:30 JRO123

  • ground starts rising rapidly with all of them on top. they are actually standing on the crab*

8:30 Berryleaf

(Duncan) Well grab a claw, man!
(Duncan) *starts wrestling one of the crab claws*

8:30 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(cody) *awkwardly stares at talyor*

8:30 JRO123

(harold) *grabs onto claw, trying to stay balanced*

Dark Knight Rebirth has entered TDRPW Headquarters. 8:30 Heozaki

(tammy) We must all use our swords to stab it!

8:30 Pierzina

(heather) What is TAKING them so long?! If they don't hurry, I'll make sure their lifespan doesn't last much longer.

8:30 Berryleaf

(Duncan) Ha! This guy ain's so tought! *gets his arm trapped*

8:30 JRO123

(harold) gee, chef wasnt kidding!

8:31 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) *Begins to hold onto the crab, doing his best to keep up* What the heck!?

8:31 Heozaki

(jo) Someone hand me a suit

8:31 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) OH CRAP! *starts pumping*

8:31 Heozaki

(jo) I'm going in

8:31 JRO123

  • the crab breaches the surface, right beside the boat. It's like 30 feet wide*

8:31 Berryleaf

(taylor) Hey useless indie chick with the weird hair! You're blocking my tan lines!

8:31 Heozaki


8:31 JRO123


LeoCTallon3 has entered TDRPW Headquarters. 8:31 JRO123

(chef) I mean uh

8:31 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) Wow.

8:32 JRO123

(chef) y'all know what to do! catch this thing!

8:32 Heozaki

(jo) *Jumps onto it*
(jo) This is way slippier than I expected

8:32 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) *rolls her eyes* Whatever *moves*

8:32 JRO123

(dwayne) uh, uh, what do i do *runs around grabbing some fishing net*

8:32 Heozaki

(jo) *falls into the water*

8:32 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) *starts banging his fist on the crab* JO! You were talking about taking out the crab! Do it!

8:32 Heozaki

(jo) Alright! *starts punching the crab*

8:32 JRO123

(harold) HARPOONS! grab some harpoons! *is getting tossed around*

8:32 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) Jo! Are you okay?
(Duncan) From where?

8:33 Heozaki

(jo) I'm fine! Get this thing in a net now!

8:33 Pierzina

(heather) *facepalm*

8:33 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) Need any help Jo?

8:33 Pierzina

(heather) I have to do EVERYTHING myself, don't I? *throws weapon (Harold's choice) at Harold*

8:33 JRO123

(chef) there are harpoons on deck

8:33 Heozaki

(jo) Does anyone have some wood chips?

8:33 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) *throws a net onto the crab*

8:34 Heozaki

(jo) Dirt, or sand?

8:34 JRO123

(harold) SWEET *thrusts it downward*

8:34 Heozaki

(jo) We can blind it and trap it

8:34 JRO123

(dwayne) blind it, huh
(dwayne) lets see here...

8:34 Pierzina

(tom) Wow, people are putting a lot of effort into the challenge. Can't say I relate.

8:35 Dark Knight Rebirth


8:35 JRO123

(dwayne) *grabs some paint from the last challenge and tosses it at the crab's eyes*

8:35 Dark Knight Rebirth


8:35 JRO123

(harold) *attacks the eye*

8:35 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) *crab catches his arm* AH! GET IT OFF!

8:35 Heozaki

(jo) NOW!

8:35 JRO123

  • crab becomes blinded, and is flailing around causing massive waves and making the boat rock a ton*

8:36 Heozaki

(jo) Help her out team!

8:36 JRO123

(dwayne) *tosses net to bridgette* QUICK

8:36 Berryleaf

(bridgette) *throws the net to Jo*

8:36 Heozaki

(jo) Scott!

8:36 JRO123

(harold) GAAAAAAAH *is starting to loose grip on the crab*

8:36 Heozaki

(jo) *throws net to Scott*

8:36 Berryleaf

(Duncan) Don't give up on me now, man!

8:36 Heozaki

(jo) We should have it covered

8:36 Pierzina


8:36 JRO123

(harold) HEATHER! NET!

8:36 Heozaki


8:36 JRO123


8:36 DegrassiFTW27

(Scott) *begins putting it over*

8:37 Pierzina

(heather) Urgh! *throws net to Harold*

8:37 Heozaki

(jo) *swims underneath to close it up, and waits for Scott*

8:37 JRO123

(harold) *catches crab's claw in the net*

8:37 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) *continues pumping the air for Jo and Scott

8:37 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) *drops net down on his end* YES!

8:37 Berryleaf

(taylor) *taps Heather on the shoulder* Excuse me? Do you MIND? Some of us are trying to tan here!

8:38 JRO123

(harold) hey, gang, i think we got him

8:38 Berryleaf

(taylor) So get out of the way!

8:38 Heozaki

(jo) *closes up the net*

8:38 JRO123

  • crab is binded up by the net*

8:38 Berryleaf

(taylor) *shoves Heather in the water*

8:38 Heozaki

  • GOT

8:38 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) What now?

8:38 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) *conf* *chuckles at the thoguht of heather being thrown into the water.

8:38 Pierzina

(heather) EXCUSE me? *starts fighting with Taylor*

8:38 JRO123

(chef) *launches hook into crab's shell, and pulls it up with cable*
(chef) not bad, maggots

8:39 Heozaki

(jo) We better win this

8:39 Berryleaf

(taylor) *fights Heather* Let GO of me!

8:39 JRO123

(chef) gotta say, both teams did pretty well

8:39 Pierzina

(heather) *rips out Taylor's extensions*

8:39 JRO123

(chef) suprisingly, there were no casualties

8:39 Heozaki

(jo) Ha, nice

8:39 Berryleaf

(taylor) *trips backwards into the water*

8:39 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) Too bad Junior isn't here  (troll)

8:39 Pierzina

(tom) *laughs*
(tom) Oh, too soon?

8:40 JRO123

(dwayne) OH GOD *breaks down in tears*

8:40 Berryleaf

(taylor) CONF: *arms crossed* Today was SO not chipotle. *spits out a fish*

8:40 JRO123

(chef) sheesh
(chef) well, harold and duncan did well for the scallywags, everyone else just kinda sat around

8:41 Dark Knight Rebirth tfw they forgot to pump air 8:41 JRO123

(chef) Since the entire team worked together consistently...THE SCURVY DOGS ARE OUR WINNERS

8:41 Pierzina

(heather) WHAT?! Seriously?!

8:41 Berryleaf

(Bridgette) We did it! Yes!

8:41 JRO123

(harold) *groans*

8:41 Dark Knight Rebirth

(zoey) WOO!

8:41 Heozaki

(jo) YES!

8:41 Berryleaf

(duncan) Oh come on man.

8:41 Pierzina

(tom) Woot! Winning without putting in any effort.

8:41 JRO123

(harold) well, at least we got a kudos

8:42 Heozaki

(jo) IN YOUR FACE YOU HAG! *points at Heather*

8:42 DegrassiFTW27

(scott) Easy. *Falls over from exhaustion*

8:42 JRO123

(harold) >.>
(dwayne) hey, how about that

8:42 Heozaki Alright Google Form coming in soon 8:42 JRO123 send me votes i guess oh yeah ^ google form 8:42 Berryleaf

(taylor) I NEED a shower. *exits*

8:42 JRO123 Salty Scallywags - Harold, Heather, Gwen, Duncan, Tammy, Lindsay, Cody, Max, Beth

(chef) CHRIS

8:43 Pierzina

(heather) UGH! *throws bucket on Jo and storms off*

8:43 Berryleaf lol who are cody and beth 8:43 JRO123

(chef) what the heck have you been doing this whole time >.>
(chef) how'd you sleep through all that

LeoCTallon3 has left the building. 8:44 JRO123

(chef) one of these days, chris, one of these days

8:44 Heozaki Beth is Rocky 8:44 JRO123

(chef) TO THE MOON

8:44 Heozaki and Cody got moved to Toast I have Tammy now 8:44 DegrassiFTW27 lmao i was meant to sub beth for rocky shit :dead: 8:44 JRO123 lmao eh rocky's fault for not showing up y'all wanna just pm me ur votes to make this quick 8:44 Heozaki Alright 8:44 Dark Knight Rebirth kk 8:44 Heozaki The form is here Vote 8:45 Dark Knight Rebirth voted 8:45 JRO123 lel voted 8:45 Pierzina shouldn't we have like a post-challenge scene 8:45 JRO123 ye 8:45 Pierzina to like set up a departure 8:45 JRO123 go ahead and do it lmao u can say stuff whenever 8:45 Pierzina

(heather) What was THAT? You guys made me look like a total embarassment out there. We lost to JO.

8:46 JRO123

(harold) oy, my aching back
(harold) well, i mean. duncan and i were doing all the hard work

8:46 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) Have you seen that she-beast? Of course we lost.

8:46 Berryleaf

(duncan) What can I say? Some people didn't try as hard as the rest of us.

8:46 JRO123

(harold) didnt hear a thank you >.>

8:46 Pierzina

(heather) *slams Harold on his back* We're gonna go on a LOSING streak if we don't do better, people!

8:46 JRO123

(harold) it's cool tho - OWWWWWWW
(harold) GEEEEEEEZ

8:46 Berryleaf

(duncan) I don't like him at all and he's a total dork. But I gotta go with Harold on this one. At least he did SOMETHING.
(duncan) More than I can say about those 3. *motions to Beth, Cody, and Tammy*

8:47 Pierzina

(heather) I did MUCH harder work than both of you.

8:47 JRO123

(harold) wow, thanks, duncan, that means alot
(harold) :D

8:48 Berryleaf

(duncan) Don't get your panties in a bunch just because some people sucked more than you did today.

8:48 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) *conf* I'm motioning towards Tammy

8:48 Pierzina

(heather) Watching you both FAIL and do horrible at such a simple task. *checks nails* But I do agree that it's obvious that one of the less useless dorklings goes home.
  • more useless

8:48 Heozaki I'm missing 3 votes 8:48 Pierzina

(heather) So, I'm voting Beth. She's ugly and jealous of me.

8:48 JRO123

(harold) conf: *is beaten up* well, we may not have won, but I think at least some of the team appreciates my contributions. people know im a competitor now, boi B)
(beth) :O

8:49 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) what good does voting beth do?

8:49 JRO123

(beth) yeah! you're a big bully, Heather!

8:49 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) It gets rid of the fodder

8:49 Heozaki I'm missing Gwen 8:49 JRO123

(beth) FODDER!

8:49 Heozaki and 8:49 JRO123

(harold) yeah, idk.

8:49 Heozaki Lindsay 8:49 JRO123

(harold) not gonna take sideshere

lindsay aitn voting this time voi boi subbed characters dont vote 8:50 Heozaki Okay Gwen then 8:50 Pierzina

(lindsay) I say we vote for Tammy because her name starts with T and that reminds me of Tyler. I really miss Tyler. :(

8:51 JRO123

(harold) are you guys even a thing anymore

8:51 Pierzina

(lindsay) Are you Tyler?

8:52 JRO123

(harold) ...
(harold) if i say yes can we make out  (troll)

8:52 Pierzina

(heather) Whatever, the point is that, next time, I expect a BETTER result. I'm not letting Mrs. Man have her little parade for much longer.
(lindsay) Ew, no! :/ *slaps Harold*

8:53 JRO123

(beth) Heather, people would like you more if you stopped being so bossy

8:53 Pierzina

(heather) Beth, people would like you more if you didn't look like you were a victim of roadkill.

8:53 JRO123

(beth) I mean you're the one who always gets so happy when people think you're a good guy
(beth) :O

8:53 Heozaki Alright Votes are in

JRO should be announcing them shortly

8:53 JRO123

(beth) well you look like a....

8:54 Dark Knight Rebirth

  • gilded chris awards intro*

8:54 JRO123


8:54 Pierzina

(heather) I'm perfectly fine treating people how I want. *flips hair*

8:55 JRO123

(dwayne) conf: I'm a man whose lost it all. These insolent children will pay for hurting my boy. I will teach them the wisdom of an elder god! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

8:56 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) Please, you don't look much better, heather

8:56 Heozaki

(jo) Shut up loser!

LeoCTallon3 has entered TDRPW Headquarters. 8:56 ShroomstagramUser

(gwen) with, what, 5 pounds of make up, at least?

8:56 JRO123

(dwayne) conf: *takes his meds* whew, dont know what got over me there. but yeah, im peeved about junior! Daddy's gonna win for you, buddy!

LeoCTallon3 has left the building. 8:56 Heozaki

(jo) Conf: See, I got my team in tip-top shape today, so my leadership skills are effective

8:57 JRO123

(harold) conf: yeah, i take back what i said about heather, she's pretty unbearable. But admittedly attractive. Uh, but dont tell anyone i said that, just being objective here :X
(chef) one of you is gonna walk the plank tonight
(chef) probably with this stupid crab here, too. was gonna cook him up and treat y'all to a crab dinner, but looks like its toxic or something, idk

8:59 Pierzina

(lindsay) Ooh, I hope I get a crusty crab.

8:59 Heozaki


8:59 JRO123

(chef) anyways, fish go to Duncan, Lindsay, Harold

8:59 Berryleaf

(duncan) Sweet.

9:00 JRO123

(chef) Max, and Cody too

9:00 Dark Knight Rebirth

(max) an excellent choice

9:00 ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

(cody) yipee

9:00 JRO123

(chef) man, this team full of scrubs >.>

9:00 Pierzina

(heather) You guys were the one that picked it! *rolls eyes*

9:01 JRO123

(chef) Heather, you get one too

9:01 Heozaki

(chris) *walks into the scene* I'm back! Did you guys miss me?

9:01 JRO123

(chef) CHRIS

9:01 Pierzina

(heather) *blows raspberry at Beth and slaps Max with the fish* No, not really.

9:01 JRO123


9:01 Heozaki

(chris) I was taking a nap
(chris) Being a host is hard work

9:02 JRO123

(chef) you didnt notice all that ruckus earlier?!
(chef) whatever, you weird, man
(chef) is GWEN, BETH, and TAMMY
(chef) but Beth is the one whose out  (troll)
(chef) *tosses fish to gwen and tammy*

9:03 Heozaki

(tammy) WHAT

9:03 Pierzina

(lindsay) Oh no! Not Beth! :(
(lindsay) She's my BFF.

9:03 Heozaki lol wtf was that JRO 9:03 JRO123

(beth) :O

9:03 Berryleaf

(Duncan) Later.

9:03 Pierzina

(lindsay) What am I gonna do without you, Beth?

9:04 JRO123

(beth) i am shocked and appalled
(beth) lindsay u didnt talk to me this whole time :(
(beth) i thought you were mad about something ;(

9:04 Pierzina

(lindsay) Oh no. I just forget how to speak American sometimes. :)

9:05 JRO123

(chef) alright, you've said your goodbyes. *chucks beth overboard with a sick overhead toss*

9:05 Pierzina

(lindsay) *gasps* That was totally rudesies!

9:05 Heozaki


9:05 JRO123

(chef) *starts pushing the crab off, struggling as he does so* yeah, yeah whatever...THATS ALL THE TIME WE GOT, FOLKS

9:05 Heozaki

(chris) Another one down
(chris) 16 to go

9:06 JRO123

(chef) oh you taking the outro, i see how it is >.>

9:06 Heozaki

(chris) TOTAL!
(chris) DRAMA!

9:06 Pierzina good episode